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(no subject)  
06:17pm 14/04/2006
BR is back at work. Yay! Unfortunately, he made up for his absence by being extra antagonistic today. *sigh*

I got the paint!


I was on the phone with Bobbie while I was unloading the car when a neighbor walked by. Now, see, I'm on my headset, so I'm used to people not seeing it right away, but I figure, I'm talking "to myself" and walking around with a thing on my head, it should be noticed at some point, right? Obviously, what this woman had to say trumped my conversation so she asked me, "Are you moving in?"

"Hang on, Bobbie, someone is talking to me. Yes, I am."
"Do you have a cat?"
*sigh* "Yes, I do."
"Well, he has to stay confined to your unit. He can't walk around outside. Because..."
"Yes, I know. Thank you. I read the rules. So, Bobbie, I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

Fine, you want to welcome me to the neighborhood, great. DON'T FUCKING READ ME THE RULES!

It's a good thing I'm not home much, I think I'd kill my new neighbors.
mood: busybusy
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(no subject)
02:27am 15/04/2006 (UTC)
Lost on The Beltway: got curl
There's someone like that in every neighborhood. A lady in my building constantly reports infractions like leaving towels hanging from you balcony. I'm sure the other neighbors will be nice.
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