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Oy vey

I have been busy, busy, busy.

Friday night went out with M, C, L, B and K to the Captured! by Robots show at Congress. This was after a fabulous few slices at the pizza place with M and C. I think I already talked about the Dada rock, so I won't go into that again. See how crazy it is, I can't even remember what I've written. So, then Saturday. Oof! Headed to C's new place to take measurements and check out the NyQuil(TM) carpeting. Yeah, it's that shade of original NyQuil(TM) green. But the kitchen is nice and big. Then we went to Big Lots where I got a few more paint supplies. C took me back to my car and I was headed home when I decided that I had enough time to get the oil changed. I was about 200 miles overdue, so I figured, hey, why not?

So, sitting at the Midas near the apartment, reading Highlights (that Goofus and Gallant is a hoot) when I realized it was nearing 1:30. I asked if the car was near ready and that's when they dropped it on me. I needed new brakes. I knew it was coming, but dammit, why now?

So, the manager gave me a ride back to the apartment because I needed to be here for the 2:00 showing of the apartment. Oh wait, that's right, she didn't show. *sigh* I called her at 3 and she said she tried to call, but she couldn't through to my number. Fine. So, I start getting ready to walk back to the Midas to go get the car. Get back there and the car is done. They didn't call because they didn't have my number on file. So, $300 later, I head to the store, get snacks and drinks and head for the new place. LATE FUCKING START ON SATURDAY. But, that's ok. We got a lot done. Finished up close to 10 and we all left. I decided that I needed a beer, so I headed for pizza place. The HAM and a few other pizza peeps were there. I hung out for a bit and then one of the servers decided that she was having a card party at her house. We headed over there about 1 a.m. I got myself a tallboy of Icehouse so I didn't have to drink the PBR. *shudder* I kind of wish I had gotten a paperbag for it, but oh well.

So, I left the party about 4:30 and got home about 5 a.m.

Woke up, got to brunch a few minutes late only to find that THERE WERE NO HOME FRIES. *sob*

ALL I WANTED WAS SOME POTATOES MAXIMUS. Instead, I had hummus for brunch, a cheese danish and 3 cups of coffee. Then, I headed back to the apartment to pick up a few things and then headed over to the new place to start day 2 of painting. The bedroom needs minimal touchups, the living/dining area needs to be finished (the toasted wheat color) and I still need to do a second coat of Velvety Merlot on the big wall. The kitchen is half finished as well. I have 2 walls left to do in there and then...I AM ALL PAINTED. I'm gonna finish on Friday. Then, I'm headed to Plush. Saturday...I have no idea what I'm going to do on Saturday. I may take some little things over on Saturday, just to get it out of the way. Maybe start hanging up pictures and what not and then on Sunday it'll just be the big things. I have to figure out what is going on. So much to do, so much to do.

Tomorrow is calling gas, electric and cable. Getting insurance policy to replace renter's policy. Work. LAUNDRY. More packing. I hope to have everything packed by Thursday night. I think if I really apply myself, I can get this done.

Wow, that was an amazingly boring post.

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