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I was very cranky today. I think some of it has to do with little sleep over the past few days and just being overwhelmed with all that I still need to get done.

Oh, also, moving on Saturday, not Sunday. BR stated that the man's creedo is to not do things on Sundays. I guess it makes better sense to do it on Saturday anyways. That way I can spend Sunday finishing up the unpacking and decorating.

Housewarming party is tentatively set for 5/6 or 5/13.

I had a few things running through my mind today at work, and it was a little weird being able to be alone with my thoughts as much as I was today. Since the boss was gone for the day, BR had to work the desk and new guy is working the inventory guy's job until Wednesday. So, it was just me doing the big stuff today. I was totally fine with that. It's funny to me that when I'm quiet, the guys at work just assume that something is off. Either I'm sad, upset or in a bad mood. Really, it's just that I want to be quiet. If I had thought in advance, I would have brought headphones with nothing but classical music. I think tonight I'll start packing little things, do a few loads of laundry, clean my chair (freaking Vaash) and just listen to music.

I am happy, though. I'm very happy.

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