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I had many plans for this evening. They didn't all pan out. One day I will learn that not everything can fit into such a short time. Especially when you chat on the phone with old friends for an hour or so. :)

I didn't get the laundry done, packing or much of anything. I did however manage to get a nice bottle of tequila for a coworker's birthday, go to dinner, drink tea and then go to her house and hang out for a while.

The plan was to go to Plush, but that didn't happen. Instead, I left the party about 11:30 and headed back here. You know, I am almost ready to burst with anticipation in living in the new space. *asplodes*
Got to see the HAM also. We talked a bit more about me transferring to his store and about what happened on Sunday. Apparently, he left his phone at his store and he doesn't have a house phone. He walked about six blocks, hungover, in the heat of Sunday to a payphone and called the other store to have CM come pick him up. I about laughed my ass off when he told me. I told him I had been worried and would have called him if I had his number, not that it would have done any good, as his phone was at the store. That makes me feel a smidge better. I'm still sticking with my no pursuing thing. Let him come to me.

Ok, I need to get some sleep so I can go lift heavy things tomorrow. We have a lot of work to do. I also need to finalize plans for the weekend to coordinate everyone. ARRGGHHH!! SO MUCH TO DO!

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