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Fire, Paint and Moving

Ok, so, I've uploaded pix from lunarcamel's "housewarming" party (no pun intended). Got some great pictures of her and her group twirling fire. So rockin'. Go here to see the awesomeness.

Then, there was painting. Oh my, was there a lot of painting. *thud* Go here for those pictures.

Then there was Plush on Friday night. This guy was having a great time. :)

Then there was moving. I didn't take pictures of that, I was too busy trying to figure out what to do with Vaash, get my things out of the apartment and tell people, "No! THAT'S JUST GARBAGE, DON'T CARRY THAT TO THE NEW PLACE I DON'T WANT TO THROW IT AWAY AGAIN!" :)

Then, we trucked everything over. BR said I drove like a pizza delivery driver, but I didn't lose him, so that was good. I even took roads that had a low speed limit so that I wouldn't be tempted to fly to the new place. It's what I do. :) Then he told us a tale of watching a shoplifter in the Circle K. Oops.

Got everything in and parilous helped me get stuff organized a bit. That was great. speranzosa showed up a while later and really helped me get unpacked. I'm almost done with all the unpacking. If she hadn't helped, I would have been perpetually distracted by shiny objects.

Today, gotta get some wall anchors and start hanging up photos and pictures and artwork.

Vera has been up my ass since I brought her to the new place. I'm sure she'll acclimate soon, she hasn't acted this needy, well...ever. I guess she's as tired of moving as I am. Poor thing. I gotta call a few places to see where I can take Vaash.

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