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(no subject)  
07:31pm 23/04/2006
Ok, a little more time to talk to you all now. :)

First off, I have to say this:


I can not express my thanks enough to you ladies and gents who sent kind words, moral support, packing support, painting support, moving assistance and unpacking support.

I am moved by the kindness that you all showed to me. Being this far away from my family means it's either me or nothing. I'm glad that I have this new family around me. I love all you guys so much.

Ok, so, before I start weeping, I FOUND MY USB CABLE!!! YAY!! I forgot that I switched out bags one day and the cable was in the other bag. YAY!!

I got a bit more moved in today. Hung up some more pictures, hung up the curio cabinet and put the shotglasses in. Hooked up my television and other media equipment and just let Vera roam around me. She's still feeling a bit insecure, but I think she'll be back to her crazy self in no time. She's got much nicer things to look at now. Not just a patio wall and someone else's patio. Now she has birds and leaves and trees to look at. I'm going to make her a little box to lay on so she can see out the window in the living room and just watch the world go by.

Took over the patio chair to lunarcamel because the Rule Lady let footnotefetish know that I wasn't allowed to have that outside. *sigh* I <3 my neighbors.

I have to call the cable company to transfer my internet over to my new place. Such a pain in the ass. They won't let you do it online. Only for new accounts. Dumbasses.

So much to do still, but now it's much more relaxed. I think if I don't find a subletter for the old place i'm just going to leave it be as far as cleaning goes. Let them deal with it. They are gonna charge me out the wazoo anyways. Effers.

I dragged (drug?) footnotefetish out with me to Harbor Freight Tools so I could get some wall anchors. Not only did I find a whole set for hanging pictures (with wall mollies, too!) but I got a cordless drill and bit set for about $22. Woot! I <3 power tools almost as much as my friends.

Thanks again you guys, you really are the absolute best.
mood: lovedloved
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(no subject)
04:32am 24/04/2006 (UTC)
Sign Here
Huh? What? All it needs is a vacuum and some windex for the rug, no?
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(no subject)
05:02am 24/04/2006 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Angela Davis
The Rule Lady really needs to mellow out. Doesn't she have a television to watch or something?
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(no subject)
01:42pm 24/04/2006 (UTC)
I think Vera's going to really love the place, and it wouldn't surprise me if you didn't find her balanced on the window sill one day when you come home. If she's smart, she'll try to get down before you see her, but you will notice the tell-tale paw prints when the light is just right... ;-)

And kudos back at you, not only for having friends that offer to paint and move, but for being so cool about the little things that go wrong (paint on the rug). I'm not as laid back about stuff like that; I envy that in you.

Also -- that your friends were available to help also says a lot about you and the quality of friends you attract. Remember that. :-)

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