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I don't think my laptop is charging, stupid Bentley's. Yes, I'm at Bentley's because I won't have internet until tomorrow. I have two more interested parties in the apartment, so that's good.

I had to make a horrible decision yesterday and carry it out today. I took Vaash to the Southern Arizona Humane Society.

I was reassured that he would stay until he was adopted and remained healthy and friendly. I'm sure he can do the friendly part, but I worry about his health. He's been losing weight and has begun ripping out chunks of his hair. If he is sick, I hope it's a treatable illness. If it's not, I'm going to request that they wait to euthanize him until I can be with him. I can't not be there for him at the end.

If he's treatable and healthy and well, then I'll pay the adoption fee for my neighbor. She decided to take him in, but if he was sick she wouldn't be able to, because she can't afford another vet bill. I completely understand. It just occurred to me that I don't even know her name.

Anyways, I cried like a lunatic after I left him at the shelter. I pulled over and just cried. I also broke down at work today, too. The guys kind of avoided me for a while after they saw that I had really red eyes that were a little swollen. Guys really hate that shit, don't they?

I'm doing much better right now knowing that he won't be put down in some fixed set of time. On the bright side, at least now I know that Vera likes to be the only cat in my life. I won't get another one until she's gone. If I even bother with getting another one. Although, I know I will. There are too many cats out there that need good homes. And I'd spoil them rotten. On the even brighter side, I can switch back to the cheaper food that I had been buying for her. (The outlet wasn't working, by the way, I just had to move to a new table).

I am looking at a horrible "painting" at Bentley's right now. It's just blue canvas with white paint thrown on it. The white paint is cracking. Seriously, it's terrible. I wonder how much they want for it. I would say anything over $5 would be too much. But, I'm not in a great mood either, so that could be tainting my observations.

People are doing either algebra or geometry in front of me. Exponents and graphing. I don't miss math at ALL. I like to think I do, but i really really don't.

I'm rambling. I'm going to go eat meat and fried foods and drink beer now. Then I'm going to go home and shower and crash. Tomorrow I can do more unpacking and hanging of pictures. And figuring out where to put my shelf for more stuff that I own.

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