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Got the internet at the new place. HOOT!!

Work was interesting today. We are missing a box of 36 parts. A pretty good sized box, about 24X12X12, so it can't be hiding under someone's foot or anything. Then, while we are searching around high and low for that one in the warehouse, another box went missing. Couldn't find it. Searched everywhere. This one had been pulled from stock, fell of a table and was never to be seen or heard from again. Until 3 p.m. this afternoon. In a place where 5 people looked already. We looked there at least 3 times. Yeah. Luckily, we were slow enough that we were able to invest the time to look into this. So ridiculous.

Then on the way home, called up fermi_daza and found out that she had been down near me, so she headed back and paid me a short visit. Nosy Lady was harassing her. *sigh* Stupid neighbors.

I think I need to take a trip to Value Village for some new art for over the bed. Nothing I have seems to work there. Oh noes!

Tonight I shall continue with the unpacking and organizing. I should also get some laundry in there, too. Maybe some grocery shopping. Need to check the bank balance before I undertake any of those things. It's kind of funny, but I am looking forward to working this Friday night so I can have cash again. :)

YAY FOR INTERNET IN MY HOUSE! I was getting tired of sitting in uncomfortable chairs and listening to people banter about geometry and global warming.

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