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I am debating between some shelving unit OR just use the single shelf that I have from the old place for my various tchotchkes and what not. I'm happy with my votive candles from Fry's though. 10 for $10. I got 3. One has the Virgen de Guadalupe on it. I like it. It's in the front window. The other two are in the back window.

I went into Food City before I went to Fry's. I think I turned around after about two minutes. I should have been ready to embrace my people. Instead, I ran for the nearest white bread haven. :)

I got more tea. Why? I have no idea. *shakes head*

I'm more excited about the chicken I'm going to make tomorrow night. My first cooked meal in my new home. YAY!

The kitchen is pretty much set up. I think I'm going to give up some cabinet space to get a microwave cart or baker's rack. That way I have more counter space to prep food on and the microwave is away from the sink. Well, further away anyways. Gotta see what the Value Village has first. :)

Ok, I think bed is calling.

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