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RIP Vaash

This freaking sucks. It really really really really does. There really isn't another word for it. It just sucks, and in a bad way.

I called the Humane Society this afternoon. I knew I should have called yesterday. But, I got distracted and figured everything would be just fine. *sigh* So, he passed on some time today. I really hope that his head was being scratched while he drifted off. My poor baby.

Vaash, even though you peed on things, puked all over everything and woke me up way too early sometimes, I am going to miss all of your little charms. Your silent meow, the way you headbutted me and smacked me with your paw when you were ready for your wet food. How you made a new home with the neighbors, but always came back to me. You just had a way about you and you were really awesome. I'm glad I got you for a year. A small part of me wonders if you were the reincarnation of one of my very first pets, a guinea pig named Sparkle. You had the same coloring as him and the same personality. If you are, well, I'm glad I got some more time with you.

Bye Vaash. I'll always have a place in my heart for you and I will always miss you.

For those who never got to meet him, here's a video of him wanting to get out and go play with his other kitty friends.

*edit* The reason he was put down, which I neglected to explain, was that they had to "net" him. He was scratching and swiping at people and trying to bite them. He was scared, in a new place, he didn't like loud noises. I think that makes it hurt just a little more.

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