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(no subject)  
05:29pm 30/04/2006
I got my homefries for breakfast. I'm very happy. :)

Ran around with Char after brunch and got some over the bed art, 4 new tshirts, new toiletries and she got some awesome matching chairs. (Her new chairs are red, though) Yay!

I think Vera is starting to like it a little better here. She loves looking out the front door and just sniffing. I'm glad she's getting more comfortable. I found out a coworker of mine was in a car accident on Friday night. He got some staples in his head and went home the next day. I told one of the servers to give me an update on him. I hope she calls me.

Ok, need to cook some dinner while I'm doing laundry. So domestic. W00T!
mood: mellowmellow
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(no subject)
05:19am 01/05/2006 (UTC)
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Hey -- you found them!!
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