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Voice Post: Don't be a jerk  
07:05pm 05/05/2006
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“(read with sarcastic inflection) Hey people, when you order a pizza, answer the freakin' door when I come knocking. Or, answer your phone when I call you. That would be really awesome. Thanks.

That way I don't spend 10 minutes standing there, looking like a moron in front of your door!

Okay, bye!”

Transcribed by: speranzosa
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01:30pm 06/05/2006 (UTC)

That reminder should be on the "hold music" when people call in. "Thank you for calling Magpies. Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received. Please remember that when you order a pizza, be home! Your pizza driver will be using the doorbell to deliver your pizza, so please answer the door! Since you are using a phone to call in the order, please be near the phone in case the driver needs to reach you. If you follow these simple instructions, your pizza will arrive fast and hot. If you do not, your pizza will be spit upon. Thank you! May I take your order?"
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08:42pm 06/05/2006 (UTC)
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