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I am a tool

No, it's true.

I fucked up and now have to scramble a bit to make sure I have enough in the bank on the 15th. Oops. The killer part, I get paid 2 days later. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I think I can manage it though. I may just pick up an extra shift or two at the pizza place.

I am also a tool because I said I would help speranzosa roll out some carpet and move some stuff over to the new place today. Instead, I slept later than I intended and then had to go to work. Sorry.

Tips were so so tonight. I wound up doing some of the closing duties because the closing driver quit. That seemed to be a theme for all of the stores tonight. Managers were driving, cooks were driving, supervisors, not to mention closing super/manager has to do the closing driver duties. At least Rudy didn't have to do the dishes. I felt more bad for the other driver with me tonight. He'd be on since noon or so. He didn't leave until 11:15 which was when I got back from my last delivery.



I didn't bust much ass at the warehouse today, thankfully, since I was reorganizing the boss' paperwork. That was nice. My feet feel much better. I also put a few boxes away, so it's a start. BR didn't show up there today, which is good actually. I got fed up with him yesterday. He was being antagonistic to an extreme. My latest way of dealing with him and NG (New Guy) is to just put my headphones on for about 30 minutes to an hour and then I emerge from my cocoon of beauty back to the reality of the loudness and horribleness of the warehouse.

We were packing the heavy heavy mofo chassis and I was helping him wrap them up. And he just kept picking and picking and picking. I don't even know what it was about, to be honest. So, I just looked at him. I just stopped and looked at him. And he said, "Are you gonna go put your headphones on now?" and I continued to look at him and didn't answer. Then I went to go get some foam thingies that we set them in before we put them in the box. I put the one on the top of the chassis and he went and got his own piece of foam, slapped the one I just put on, off and proceeded to put his on. I said, "I'm done." And walked away. I started packing up some other parts that needed to go.

I didn't speak to him outside of asking a question or answering a question for the rest of the day.

I also put my headphones on. I only had the music on for about 30 minutes though. Then I shut them off, but kept them in so they would just ignore me. (Vera is sleeping on my lap right now, it's very adorable.)

But, tomorrow is another day. I need to get a replacement french press, I broke mine this morning. Dammit. I also need some spices and maybe something to make for lunch for the week. No more eating off the truck for me. I also need to purge the sodas from my diet. Not only is it costing money, but it's just not good for you. *sigh*

The one good thing about summer is that my appetite dwindles down to almost nothing. That's always a plus. :)

Sunday is brunch, then spices/food then coming home and doing some unpacking or helping C move some more things. Not sure about that. Have to find out tomorrow.

I'm rambling at this point. I think bed is calling to me, even though I'm not really tired. I just need to go make myself sleep.


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