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B-I-N-G-O and BINGO! was his name-o

So, I totally won at bingo last night! $150!!! WOOOO!!!

Ahem...that shall go to pay for my hotel room and some school supplies for the annual supply drive the local radio station here has every year. I was going to take it all out of my own pocket and this came about. I am very happy :)

It was funny when it happened. If you haven't played bingo in a while, well, it ain't your grandma's bingo, let me tell you a thing or two :)

They have machines now. You can still play on paper, but you also get to use the machine which holds about 50 cards on it and lets you know when you have bingo. So, I was one number away (according to the machine, which lets you know when that happens) and then my number came up. I punched it in and cue machine noise, it sounds like a video game when it hits bingo. So, one of the volunteers who circles the floor comes over and says, "Raise your hand."

So I do, and then they call the number and I almost forgot to yell bingo. Then I remembered myself, yelled bingo and won $150. I thought I was only getting $50, but the volunteer comes back with my winnings and says, "You won $150."

I say, "No way!!"
"Yes, see, right there on the schedule, $150."

At this bingo place you purchase a whole pack of bingo cards to play for the evening, one price. Very exciting. Yay for me!!! :)
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