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I think I am going to try and work some crazy OT next week at the warehouse, if it's available. I'm going to see if I can get by on just those paychecks instead of that and the pizza job. I think moving to the HAM's store may have been a mistake. I made $8 tonight. On 4 deliveries. In 3 hours. *sigh*

It was REALLY slow. Of course, the students are leaving, so it slows way the eff down. We'll see what happens. Especially if that second shift kicks in for my department, then I'm definitely quitting pizza job. I can always go back if I need to.

I wish I had something more substantial to say, but I don't. It would just be more musings on why am I still single, why can't I find a job in my field, can I make the house payment, pay the medical bills and the stupid break lease fee. *sigh* I really wish money wasn't an issue. However, if it wasn't, then life would just be boring now, wouldn't it?


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