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Brain Candy  
08:47pm 22/05/2006
I thought I had this on VHS. I don't know if I took it to Bookman's or what, but I don't have it now. :(

So, M and I headed to Casa to go rent it. We got it on DVD. We are watching it now.

I <3 this movie.
mood: happyhappy
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04:12am 23/05/2006 (UTC)
Lavra: berger cookies yum
I first watched that movie when I came home from having my wisdom teeth out. I was still quite out of my mind from the anesthesia, and didn't even remember that I'd seen it until the next time I watched it, when I remembered it scene by scene. It was fun remembering, and I'm sure it was fun the first time too...
picword: berger cookies yum
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