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Lazy Days of Summer  
03:08pm 29/05/2006
So, we are officially ready to begin sweating our respective balls and boobs off. Rock.

I was rocking a monster headache last night. I had had it for most of the day, but it just wouldn't go away. So, I finally went home after hanging with M and B for a few hours to celebrate her return home and headed for basecamp where I took massive, almost overdose amounts, of excedrin pm. I love this shit.

Woke up nice and late this morning, did some grocery shopping, made some food for lunches this week and am now working on laundry. And a four day work week to boot!

Tonight, a drink with C to discuss her weekend and finally cement the plans for seeing Xmen 3.

mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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05:15am 30/05/2006 (UTC)
I'm glad we finally met! :)
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