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Football and Police Reports

Saturday was a pretty groovy day. Got a whole bunch of furniture assembled for my cousin and aunt so they can continue to move into their new home. Killed my back it did (sitting on the floor too long).

Then, returned home and went to the local sports bar/restaurant to watch football. I wanted to watch the FSU/Maryland game, alas, they were not showing it, only the Florida/Miami game. Turned out to be a pretty good game. Miami came from behind a 23 point deficit to win the game 36 - 33. Yay Miami. Now, I can return to disliking Miami. That game is the only time of year where I cheer for Miami.

Monday, yesterday, I went to the police station to find out what was going on with my police report. I found out that it hadn't been filed yet, so I filed an addendum to the report giving the name and all the info I had pertaining to this chick who had my checkbook. Hopefully they can find something out about this. Otherwise, I might have to start a letter writing campaign to get something done. I understand that there are murders and fraud and grand larceny and major thefts to deal with. However, this is MY life and I need to know exactly what happened to my things so that I can either breathe easy or figure out how to combat any identity theft that may have occured/occurred. (I can never remember how to spell that word)

Only 52 more days until Eddie Izzard fun. I'm getting a bit excited, which is fun, something to look forward to.

Work is about to get a lot more complicated in about two weeks. Going to an electronic system, means it will take longer to do the same thing that I've been doing, but that's okay because that means that I actually have something to do to fill my time in now. Yay me.
Hopefully, this also means raise in pay. Otherwise, it might be time to move on to a new job.

I think that's about it for now. Go back to your lives now.

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