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My first day back into the land of irrationality. I was very quiet today. See, I'm going to follow the rules: don't speak until spoken to.

You know what's really funny, how much he didn't know about what was going on on the floor because I was not freely offering information. I feel slightly petty about doing this, but at the same time, I'm tired of being the freaking adult in every scenario I get into with BR. Seriously, it is time that he did some growing up.

I dragged ass all day today, too. I woke up late, forgot my lunch, so I took the long way into work *even though I was late* so I could stop and get some breakfast so I wouldn't die. I went to Jack in the Box which was gross, got to work, proceeded to feel like crap the entire day, felt like vomiting at a few points in time, debated leaving work at lunch but decided that an Icee would solve the problem, went to the gas station around the corner the guy is fixing the Icee machine (*sigh*) so got a huge soda instead, I figured my blood sugar was probably really really low (which would explain the nausea and fatigue) and a Pop Tart, went back into work, felt slightly more human, waves of nausea became much more frequent, managed to not puke on coworkers, wanted to leave at 3:30 like everyone else, had to stay and bring all the stuff back into the warehouse, left at 4 (at least I made up for being late), drove home, laid down for a minute, 3 hours later wake up, eat some dinner, take some PM meds so I can go back to sleep and now I'm just waiting for them to kick in.

That's a nice big run on sentence :)

I like commas.

anyways, yeah, so today = not so good day. Hopefully after getting more sleep (which is probably what the big problem is here) I'll be much more human in the morning. I think I'll install my new fan tonight, I have a feeling it's going to be really hot in my room, which makes me sad.

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