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08:08pm 08/06/2006
scrolling through the personals is a nice way to spend ten minutes.

I found this: http://tucson.craigslist.org/m4w/168440400.html

And responded with this:

Regarding this part of your ad:

However, I will (upon request), tie you to the bed with stockings on Sunday and leave you there while I go watch football at the bar. Don't worry, you'll get attention after the games are over. And hey, when it's not football season, I won't even stray further than the living room.

What if she wants to watch the game, too? Will arrangements be made for her to watch the game whilst being tied to the bed?

I guess that's actually two questions.

Good luck with your search!
mood: amusedamused
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03:55am 09/06/2006 (UTC)
Sign Here
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04:45am 09/06/2006 (UTC)
I like that he considers women from 26-36 years old to be "DOLs."

I would have responded, but I'm too old to be a dirty old lady.

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06:41am 09/06/2006 (UTC)
You would have responded?
My god you're a stranger, Tits.
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02:05pm 09/06/2006 (UTC)
No way! If my man's going to watch football, I'm goin' with him! Eff that shizzit!
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05:09am 09/06/2006 (UTC)
LOL!!!!!!!!! I love the randomness of Craigslist!
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01:41pm 09/06/2006 (UTC)
By the way, that was me. Didn't know i was logged-out!
picword: celine
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05:43am 09/06/2006 (UTC)
Strong, and wise, and you are love: southjay
How much do *you* fucking rock.
picword: southjay
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