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ok ok ok...i made you wait long enough  
05:01pm 12/06/2006

I'm evil, aren't I?

So, I got the email invitation to meet Thumper for a beer. I tore my hair out making the decision and was nudged by fermi_daza to take the plunge and go for it. I met him at the Red Garter. Turns out, he's a regular there. !!! (insert musings on small town, big city, etc.)

Thumper is a nice guy. Friendly, well spoken, educated, funny and has really pretty eyes. Green is a weakness for me. He bought me a beer and we sat and watched the basketball game (The Mavericks won) and talked about Kirk Cameron, the Rapture, Bruce Campbell, Crash, responses to his personals ad, rants and raves section, apartment listings and country music. We also discussed one of the other regulars. He has a theory that the guy is really in Witness Protection and not from Canada like he claims to be.

He explained that he put the ad up as a joke in response to all of the posts in R&R regarding "creepy old guys". I was the only one who called him on the humor aspect of the post. Everyone else took it fairly seriously. I stayed for about 2 hours and then decided that it was time to get going. 1) I didn't want to overstay my welcome and 2) I was sleepy.

I told him it was a pleasure and if he wanted to hang out again to give me a call. He said, "If I don't call or email right away, it's because I've been pretty busy. I've got a couple of openings coming up soon." I said, no problem, I'm a pretty busy person myself. We shook hands, he used both hands to shake my one. *raises eyebrow*

So. There you have it. If anything, I have found a new guy to add to the circle of friends here. Maybe benlinus won't be surrounded by girls so much anymore. :)
mood: calmcalm
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02:28am 13/06/2006 (UTC)
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he used both hands to shake my one

How very Mr. Darcy of him.

Glad you had a good time and didn't need to use the kitchen! ;)
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