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Woof, what a day.

Just a smidge of heat outside. Had some rice and beans for lunch. Am appropriately gassy. Caught up a bit with speranzosa while she had her dinner. Had some awesome lemon stuff for my own dinner with parilous and fermi_daza. Sweet Tomatoes is yummy.

Tried on a HIDEOUS shirt. It was so hideous...I actually want to own this thing. No, seriously. When fermi_daza puts the pics up I will link you all to them. It's HORRENDOUS. *sigh*

Tomorrow is movie with lunarcamel. We get to see Nacho Libre for gratis. Yay!

I still have to find a moment to go hang with benlinus so I can pick his brain regarding guy behavior.

See, I don't want to start obsessing, but...IT'S BEEN TWO DAYS. HELLOOO... Maybe the tv really was more interesting.


Anyways, need to try try try try try to get into work early tomorrow to pack up the medium-heavy chassis before the other women there start to do them. They always scare me when they pack them. *shudder*

I noticed that my thighs were smaller. This is a good thing. I just wish it come out of my stomach more.

Happy note for tomorrow...HAPPY CHICKEN FOR LUNCH!!! (Pollo Feliz for those not in the know)


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