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Sad day. No more Johnny Cash. No more John Ritter.
I have a paper cut.

Why is that hearing that those two are dead (really the fact that Cash is no longer with us) make me more sad than any 9/11 commemorative ceremonies? I mean, yes, I did tear up a bit watching something on some channel about people being sad and crying and climbing on the towers and what not. Maybe the fact that they rarely bring up the pentagon people or the pennsylvania people, and it all became this big "Let's get behind New York and have a huge lovefest" and fuck all the rest. At least, that's how I saw it, but then again, I turned off the tv after the second day. I couldn't watch the same thing over and over again and listen to them keep saying the same thing over and over again and not have anything new information so they just said it all a different way. And maybe it's because we are at war with the wrong fucking country.

Or, it could be that Johnny Cash actually meant a little something to me. I had a more "personal" relationship with him than with countless people who I
will never hear about again (with the exception of once a year, which also makes me wonder when we are going to have "Patriot Day" off from work. ecause, we need another paid day off work).

Was it wrong to say that? I don't think so, I'm just thinking like 40-60% of the rest of population who weren't personally touched by the events of two years ago yesterday. And if we do get the day off, do we thank Osama or do we actually use that day as a rememberance of those who had their lives taken through no fault of their own?

And 30 years down the road, assuming that we now this day as another day off, do we even actually remember anymore or do we just go "Woo!! Barbecue at my house! Woot woot!"

These are things that keep me up at night, unless I take some xanaflex, and then I have no choice but to fall asleep.

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