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Surrealism...in a good way

Decided to get slightly duded up and go out on the town. Met up with speranzosa at her place and then we caravaned to The District on Congress. Finally found some parking and sashayed into the bar. There we met up with fermi_daza, hollsterhambone and arsemuffin. Nice little place, they have Kiltlifter (always a plus!). Cash only. I had none on me so I had to beg and plead for a beer. :)

We got a pitcher of Hefeweizen and the tiniest little glasses EVAR. It felt like doing shots of beer or something. I guess they normally don't have live music, but tonight...tonight was special. Tonight was a hip-hop show. I texted lunarcamel to see if she would like to join us for a while, since she likes to shake her booty on occasion. siyeh and understated_g showed up a while later. It was just surreal listening to rap/hip-hop in this bar where a lot of the patrons looked slightly confused as to what the hell was going on and with French erotica on the walls. Highly amusing.

We decided to leave after a while because the live performance just wasn't doing it for us. Headed to the DQ on 4th Ave where it was CLOSED. Why do you close ice cream at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night? Honestly.

So, instead, we headed for Something Sweet. I ran into a former coworker from pizza there, he was our server. He seems to be doing well. I had the Chocolate Chocolate Cream Pie Shake. Mmmmmmm. Tomorrow is happy times and homebody type stuff. I never got a chance to do any of that today. I slept in too late. :)

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