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You would think I would take a sign from the universe and not work pizza tonight (they called me in, they are short drivers tonight). However, I am apparently a big doofus. I will just be extra cautious whilst driving this evening.

Today at the warehouse I think my boobs have been hit more times than ever in my life. I swear to FSM that they just get in the way a lot of the time. I couldn't help strap the big frame thing to the forklift because I couldn't reach it because left boob was in the way. Then I was elbowed about 4 times (3 in the right, 1 in the left) while strapping boxes down on the pallets. Good thing they tough, eh?

Not to mention the time I knocked my knee into the forklift and my shin on a table. On the way home I almost got into a car accident because I was signaling to change a lane and some idiot took that to mean i was going to make a right turn from the middle lane. So he bolts out in front of me causing me to have to slam my brakes and avoid hitting the city bus that is behind me in the lane I was attempting to change into. I hate Tucson drivers sometimes. Apparently the blinker is just a mystery to them that tells them in morse code "Cut that chick off, no it's fine really, she's not going straight through the intersection or anything like that."

Who knew people could still read morse code?

Anynoodles, gotta shower the warehouse off and get into pizza mode.

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