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So, this is going to be my last week slinging coffee in the mornings for a while. Gotta get the real job going like a smooth machine until I can figure out whether or not I can stay at the coffee shop.

Part of me is going to miss it, mainly my daily regular customers. I won't miss the place being left in disarray, things not cleaned properly, lazy coworkers, massive shift changes ("Can you cover for me here and I'll have someone else cover here and then we can run around the building really fast in a counterclockwise direction and turn back time so that the portals will allow us all to be in two places at once.") Of course, no one has ever said that, but I'm sure if they were cool enough, they would.
I told my coffee boss this yesterday, about this being my last week, and he didn't sound too happy. He then was asking if I wanted to close instead, and I told him that I am not working 13 hour days, sorry for that, but, no. I think that he thinks that's just laziness, but he also doesn't have to do that anymore, at least not everyday. I may stick around and do emergency coverage shifts and work the occasional green market day for him, but that's it. Of course, this is clears up my dilemma for 10/11. FSU v. Miami game, at noon. Have to watch. Must cheer for FSU :)
Given that I won't be having this second job, this puts my savings for AZ back a bit, but that's okay. It's just more time for me to get my shit together and finally get it straight in my head what I need to do for me and get the hell out of my house.
I got to watch football though, that made me happy. Just a little over a month before going to see Eddie and I didn't have to make a car insurance payment this month, so that's good.
I think that's all for now, I have so much going through my head right now that it's all I can do just to concentrate on what I'm doing at the moment. More later, if I feel the need :)

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