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No coffee no more

I gave my four day notice today at the coffee shop. This is only the third time that I have ever given less than two weeks notice at a job. (For those that know my history a bit better, that's only like a 5% rate of non two weeks noticing) :)

I will miss the paycheck, but not the headaches in dealing with these kids. And I say kids because the I'm-18-and-I'm-an-adult pair that work there are completely useless. I get so many complaints about them, when people feel the need to tell me. What I usually hear is, "I don't come over here when so-and-so is here, because she did this..." or "I only come here when you are here, because the other girl does this..."

That makes me sad. It's not a difficult job. Just smile. Be friendly and take the money. Ah well, not my problem anymore.

I will also miss the tips. That was good for smokes money and quick drive thru lunches. This will be better for me now anyways. Time to learn to live on a budget and save money wisely. I think I can do it.

Ok, back to work, have to go to the other hospital today and finish what I left yesterday on top of today's work and finish the work for here today too. Bleh. Too busy busy busy.

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