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Dizzying day at work. I forgot my water bottle so I didn't really drink as much water as I should have. I didn't have it sitting there reminding me that I should keep myself hydrated. To add to that, we were busy as all get out. The quadruple whammy hit us today: end of the week, end of the month, end of the quarter AND a holiday weekend.


I have been getting quite a workout these past few days. I'm happy about it, too. I've noticed that my thighs don't rub together as much. The heat is also helping my appetite, meaning I don't eat as much because it's too freaking hot. So, it's a light lunch every day. Just enough to make sure I don't get all shaky and not so much as I get all sleepy right afterwards.

Ran home after work, changed into my pizza clothes and headed for Gentle Ben's for parilous's farewell happy hour from her old job. I got to hang for about 30 minutes, have a sip of a delicious beer (tasted almost like Kiltlifter mmmmmm) before heading into work. My first two runs were triples and the last two were singles. Not a great night, but not too bad either. Got to leave early, headed home and FINALLY got to take a shower. Hung around for about another 20 minutes reading email and LJ (I'm an addict, what can I say?) before heading to Plush to catch Zepperella.

I got there close to 10:15 or so and caught the opening act, which was Zepperella but not Zepperella. Their original stuff is under the name House of More. I wonder if it's a nod to Pink Floyd. Hmmm. Anyways, musically they were excellent. I couldn't really catch the lyrics though. fermi_daza and benlinus arrived while House of More was still playing and we chatted a bit and L verified that it was indeed Raquel of cable access fame near the stage shaking his/her thang to the music. B was ecstatic to get to see Raquel. I merely roll my eyes. During the break between sets, the ham went to go say hi to the guitarist, Gretchen.

Now, I'm not into chicks or anything, but I am totally in love with her. Not only is she beautiful, has stage presence, great body BUT she WAS CHANNELING JIMMY PAGE. You don't understand. She is fucking AWESOME!!! I guess I'm a bit ahead of myself here. Zepperella took the stage as Zepperella with their white costumes and proceeded to rock us with some great Zep tunes. I was concerned about how they would handle The Lemon Song, but was pleasantly surprised to hear that they did it fairly well. Meaning the singer didn't fuck it up. Again, *musically* FAN FUCKING TASTIC. The singer needs some work. She has the whole Robert Plant act down, but...she needs to work on her voice a bit. As benlinus put it, "She's got an American Idol voice."

Immigrant Song was a bit disappointing vocally. I know it's a hard song, even Nancy Wilson had a bit of trouble with the opening wail (Nancy is the one who sings in Heart, right?), but during the second round of wails, she makes it her own instead of trying to be like Plant. I'm speaking of some Zep covers that they did in 87 (I think). Excellent covers. I digress. Gretchen rocked the fucking house with her guitar playing. Christ on a crutch. The drummer also EXCELLENT. I wasn't feeling it for the bassist. Don't get me wrong, she was good, but I was just so distracted by the guitarist and drummer that...I couldn't even get to her. And the singer's strutting.

So, great show. I'll see them again when they come back to Tucson. I'll even cough up the $7 again. I left the ham about 1:20 and headed for Che's Lounge to meet up with A for her final stop in the happy hour of 8 hours length. I dislike Che's. It's always too crowded, you can't hear and you can't find a chair. There was also a creepy guy who kept staring at me. The guys at the next table were either commenting on my ass or complaining that they couldn't see around it. I'm not quite sure as I didn't get a good look in my peripheral vision. So, we left and headed for the Waffle House. mmmmm grilled cheese. There was talk of life, love and the pursuit of new tires and jobs and sticks and mud and people whose favorite band is Stain'd. Yep, quite an evening.

I'm full of a lot of emotions right now. Most of them good. I think I may need to start revisiting my writing. Something the ham said made me think back to when I was writing for the school paper. That was my happiest year in high school. I miss writing. I'm good at it, too. Something for me to gnaw on for a bit. Right now though, I need to get some sleep so I can battle the Discount Tire guys for answers as to why I have a slow leak in my back right tire.

hugs to the LJ peeps. I <3 you all!

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