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07:07pm 03/07/2006
Didn't do too great in tips today, but enough to throw a tank of gas in the car. Yay!

The opening super didn't show up, which meant I had to do freaking prep work. I hate cooking the sausage and chicken. bleh. At least I didn't have to cut it all up. Another driver gets to do that tonight. Or, more likely, the ham. Poor guy.

I had a good day, though. Listened to some NPR, some good tunes, just let my mind wander around. I wound up just not thinking about much of anything. It's nice to let your mind just go and be and do things that don't need you. I'm looking forward to doing that tomorrow as well.

I think I'm going to watch some fireworks somewhere. Need to cement that down so that I know where to take the 7 cheese pizza and beer. Mmmm beer. Mmmm cheeeese.

I kind of took something over today to get it done. I got a weird look for doing that. I mean, it got done, the goal was accomplished, but of course, I feel bad because I don't need this person thinking I'm a pushy broad. Even though I am one.

I can't wait to sell my tv/vcr/dvd player. I am just looking at this space it's taking up and want to figure out something better for this house. I'll probably throw a desk by the front window where the tv is.

Don't know if there is anything else going on, or, if there is what I want to say about it.
mood: hungryhungry
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