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Yes, we packed it in early from the rooftop in the OV, but the lightening was more exciting. As was the game of Centipede. My thumb hurts. Stupid Atari.

The drive home was ridiculous. We didn't think about the 1,000 other people who were leaving fireworks displays at the Hilton and other areas. Thank goodness by the time we got to the downtown area the A mountain stuff was waaaay over. Not to mention the rain that was falling, which means everyone drives like an asshole. M is a great co-pilot, when she gets her directions right ;)

Back to the grind tomorrow. I kind of liked just being a simple delivery driver for the past two days. I don't think I could make a good living at just day driving though.

Need sleep. Back to moving heavy things tomorrow AND I have a feeling that we are going to be clusterfucked as far as shit goes. Gotta make up for the FOUR DAYS off (3 of those working days).

Sometimes, I hate holidays.

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