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(no subject)  
03:38am 08/07/2006
Was released from work after about an hour and a half. Even the rain didn't help get the place busy. I guess people were out playing in it. Like I wished I was doing earlier this afternoon. I found out while we were packing some chassis that BR went out in the deluge to go chase a roll of bubble wrap that had flown off the dock. I told him I had offered to go get it, but that Brian said to not worry about it, just get these chassis out the door. So, I got the chassis out the door. Only to find out just as we finished them and were getting ready to palletize them that...THEY DIDN'T NEED TO GO.


So, not only did I miss a chance to run around like a crazy person in the rain, I busted ass (again) for naught. Ah well, got some lifting in.

Started reading barmaidblog, one of the spotlights this month. She's a pretty good writer. The stories are fairly interesting. I had been contemplating starting a journal about delivery driving, but I guess that will have to take a backseat for a while. Don't wanna look like a copy cat or anything. Plus, I don't have any really GOOD stories. My customers are boring. Maybe if I worked for Papa John's or Domino's it would be different. Naked door answerers or something. I just get yuppies who order artichoke and soy cheese pizza. That is the foulest smelling pizza EVAR. Seriously, I'd rather smell anchovies than freaking soy cheese and artichoke. I'll tell you what, if I ever come across a soy cheese and anchovie pizza...I quit.
mood: amam
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(no subject)
04:23pm 08/07/2006 (UTC)
I'll give you a hint; it's not "Skip.": Buffy and Beasley
Soy cheese is foul, though I do loves me some artichoke and quite enjoy it on pizza.
picword: Buffy and Beasley
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(no subject)
06:46am 09/07/2006 (UTC)
I finally tried Magpies the other night but you'll be proud of me, I live less than a mile away so I didn't order, I picked it up myself and I didn't get soy although I thought about it...I got ricotta with the olive oil and garlic sauce and eggplant on it. Mmmm! :)
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(no subject)
07:12am 09/07/2006 (UTC)

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