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Death of Paperwork  
06:53pm 11/07/2006
Looks like I will have to pay out every single penny of that hospital visit out of pocket. I had my hearing today to see if there was anything that could be done. I just make too darn much money. That was without mentioning the second job. Funny, huh?

Yeah, a laugh riot. So, after missing two hours of work, I headed in with a sandwich and cookies from the grocery store. I figured that I would be nice and give everyone a treat and a small way of making up for not being there to help out in the morning rush. Oh, what's that? No rushing?

Apparently, it was not busy at all for the two hours I missed today. That's a good thing. I guess. So, I puttered around, taking my time with jobs and then they started speeding things up a little. "Hey, you'll be getting X amount of these parts ANY TIME NOW so, start getting ready."

Two hours later, after all the boxes are made, the padding is cut and we're standing around...Oh, it's just this many. Or, oh, it's not going.


Then, the big boss decided to send out all this stuff that we had spent all of Saturday and most of yesterday packing up in quantities to go out. The inventory dude had just put the last box away today when he was given a stack of about 60 pages (1 part per page) of shit to pull. No problem. Oh, what's that? Ohhh, ok. See, it's aerospace parts. That means that the paperwork has to go through Document Control.

Let me explain Document Control. DC is where the slowest women in the world sit. It's also where paperwork goes to die. Not because it's finished, but because these women never fed and watered the paperwork. Right. So, the box quantities, sizes and weights were all "called in" before lunchtime. About an hour before lunch to be exact. Lunch is at noon. Everything was ready to be labeled at 11 a.m.

At 3:50 p.m. we finished labeling the last box. You, dear reader, my ask, "Why did it take so long to label 60 boxes? Is it that labor intensive?" My answer is, "No. It's not. Remember those women who neglected the paperwork? Yeah, blame them."

You see, at 12:40, BB (Bosnian Bombshell as she is known to the quality inspector for our little part of the warehouse) headed to DC to pick up the labels. They had 15 ready. Yes, 15. In one hour. So, we begin labeling. Taking our time since it's only 12:45 and UPS doesn't show up until about 3:30 p.m. It takes us about 20 minutes to get through the 15 boxes and I say, "Ok, I'll head up and get some more." I walk over, taking my time...they have 5 done. Okey dokey.

We take about 10 minutes to get through the five. I go back up. They have 1 done. ONE.

So, I tell BB that I won't be going back up, it's her turn. She comes back and says, "They have nothing done! She says she'll call when it's all finished." So, we wait, and wait. One of the drivers heads up there and says he'll get it for us. Sweet. We wait, and wait and wait. We begin going through the growing pallet of boxes organizing and making it more stable. Adding "FRAGILE" stickers and the like. Still no driver. Fine, I'll go, I say.

Now we're talking, there are about 15 done. Excellent. We get going on those. It's approaching the 2:30 break at this point. We finish up what we have and look around. We still have about 25-30 more packages to go through. I head up there after lunch to grab another 5 labels. Yeah, this is getting boring, I know, but you see now what the paperwork goes through with these women. Do you want to know what they have to do to it? They pull the file according to the part number, find the highlighted section of the sheet of paper that is in the file, highlight it green, write down the packlist number from the packlist, write down method of shipment and stamp the packlist or write their initials. THAT'S IT. Why did this take OVER THREE HOURS for 60 parts? WHY?

Yeah, exactly. Now you know why paperwork goes there to die.

So, I am debating going to raise a glass of beah to Syd and to the dead paperwork or just staying in and going to bed early. Then again, no one said I couldn't do both. :)
mood: explodyexplody
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(no subject)
04:06am 14/07/2006 (UTC)
Geez, you need a hug! *hug* Why is no one commenting on your stuff the last few days? Aww!
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(no subject)
04:22am 14/07/2006 (UTC)
Probably because I have become more longwinded. :)

I got my beer and still managed to get to bed at a decent hour. All is well. I still feel bad for the paperwork.

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hospital bill
03:23pm 15/07/2006 (UTC)
I think we need to take up a collection!

Can you call the hospital and see if they'll give you the "pay within 3 days" discount, or have you paid it already?
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Re: hospital bill
06:02pm 15/07/2006 (UTC)
I am going to look into the HELP program, which is a financing arrangement for the hospital bill itself. I will still need to pay out separately the radiology and physician's bill.

So, there isn't a real discount, that I'm aware of anyways. I'll be calling them on Monday.
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