LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

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I need

to start walking in the afternoons after work
to start taking more pictures
to actually upload pictures from the camera into the computer
to clean the house
to install new faucet
to do complete laundry, not just random load for work
to go through my closet (again) and toss out clothes I no longer want and/or need
to go grocery shopping and stop eating take out
to figure out what i'm doing here
to sell my tv/vcr/dvd/entertainment stand
to call my family more often
to stick to the commitments I make (even if I made them while I was drunk)
to relax a little bit and stop stressing so much
to just let love find me
to be a better kitty mom
to stop clicking refresh on LJ instead of doing things that are on this list
to read more
to put up or shut up

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