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I can't even get into today's work day. instead I will focus on other things.

I got a sweet new lunchbag. It has Spiderman on it. It was $1. Thanks Target.
Sunflower Market has ginger granola again. Yum!
I ate real food today for lunch, not crap on the roach coach.
I got to see April and Lisa and drink beer and be in a bar that closed at 8 on a Wednesday night. (WTF?)

April and I will use single finger quotes from now on.

I get pizza paycheck tomorrow, which also means I can finally give the ham his birthday present.
I got my eyes checked today. My left eye is a little worse than it was before, but it's still pretty good. I'm trying out new silicon contacts. More oxygen flow. Yay! Otherwise, my eyes are healthy. Yay! Although, dilation SUCKS ASS. Why does it have to burn so much? *sigh* I would have gotten some eyeglasses, too, but they were a little pricey. I may go back in with my insurance card to see if they can rock a further discount on them. We'll see. Stupid high index lenses.

If I can find my walkman, I may take that into work tomorrow so that I can listen to the radio while my iPod(TM) charges.

Vera is asleep and adorable on my lap. Poor baby, she was alone all day today.

I'm lucky to know all of you people. Thanks for the words and pictures. I love all of you.

My mom called to wake me up this morning. I thought that was sweet. She woke up "early" just for me. :)

I actually kind of miss my parents a little.

Awww...Vera is all fidgety right now. Must be chasing a bird or something in her kitty dreams.
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