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Ahh, the weekend. Friday night drove down A1A with Heather (she was driving) and we made it to Miami-Dade County. Then we turned around and came back. All because I wanted to see the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan (which is on the very south end of Palm Beach island).
So, I got to see the outside of that and then we just drove and drove listening to her newest cd acquisition, the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. I am quite familiar with that soundtrack now. As I have heard it about 4 gazillion times since Friday night when she bought it. I purchased a cd by a band called Hem. The cd is called Rabbit Songs. So far on first listen it's pretty nice. Very lovely voice the singer has. She was hired to sing the songs for the group based on an audition tape of her singing lullabies a capella. I heard about them on NPR.

It's very mellow music. So, that's nice. Saturday was spent with the kids and Brandi. I took her to Target and got her some shirts for work if she gets the job on Tuesday. She is interviewing at a bank. Good luck to her. Sunday, Heather and I went to Lion Country Safari, which is a drive thru zoo. You can see lions, elephants, chimpanzees, various deer and their cousins, water buffalo and so much more! Woo! So, we did that, and saw elephants doing odd things and then we were leaving the park and thinking about going through again just for the heck of it when my phone rang and it was my friend Bobbie. Her grandmother passed away on Friday. Very unexpected. Massive stroke and hemorrhaging. :(
So, I asked her if she wanted me to come over, since she only lives about two hours away. But, she started breaking up and I couldn't hear that she was going to be at a family friend's house. So, we made the drive over, listening to, again, Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. We got there and had dinner with her and then made the trip back, listening to, you got it, Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. Egads.
But, anyways, right before she called me a landscaping truck was driving like a maniac and nicked her passenger side mirror off and bent her antenna. Crazy bastard. He also didn't stop and because it was raining she didn't get to see which landscaping company it was. So, that totally blew. Just to add some happiness to her weekend which also consisted of a wedding that she thought was going to be a semiformal affair but turned out to be catered by the company we both used to work for, Wing Zone.

She was not happy about that. Woo! Chicken wings and miller lite. Yeehaw.

I found out Saturday that my antenna has been completely bent off. I was wondering why I couldn't get Miami stations anymore and I was getting pissed off because I thought maybe they had fucked something up when they replaced the fuse for my locks and keyless entry system. No, some asshole decided to have a good time and remove my antenna for me. Bastards. I have a feeling it's the people over in the building that I park in, because they don't think I should park there even though I have the permit to park there and have every right to park there as I am a finance employee just like them. Fuckers.
So, I'll be seeing if I can get a replacement from a junkyard or something like that.I'm sure it will be an arm and a leg to get fixed at the dealership. So, that was my weekend. Hopefully this week will get better as it goes along. They are putting in the new electronic system here for me at work, probably tomorrow, although I don't have the monitor yet, which kind of makes me mad, but oh well. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I think that's everything for now.

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