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more work crap

I have decided that what is going on at the warehouse is the universe's way of telling me it's time to move into a new direction.

Things are moving a bit better with the guys, but I am still having issues with my immediate boss. For some reason, I can't seem to get him to talk to me on the same level that he is interacting with my coworkers. I don't know what I did "wrong", but until he tells me, I guess he'll just have to get over it in his own time. In the meantime, I'm starting up my efforts to look for a new job. If any of you know of something that pays more than $11/hr in admin or pr, let me know :)

I checked out the UA site, there is something there that I *might* be able to qualify for, I'll have to take a closer look. And I sent out a letter to a property management company. If I can get in somewhere with execs, perhaps I can move closer towards my field. I'll just have to see.

And now...bed. :)

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