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Ah. Wednesday. Pay day. Oh, bye money that I just got. :)

Yeah, shitty check, ah well, didn't work too much OT. The heat pretty much just saps me. I haven't been able to make it into work until 7 all this week, so I got some sleepy pills for tonight so I can actually fall asleep (that's been another issue entirely) and hopefully get up in time.

The boys have been getting better regarding their behavior. I applaud them for trying to be human. I am going to have a corn dog for dinner. Every now and then I just get this urge for the most hideous of carnival food: the corn dog.

Oh! I had Tofurkey yesterday. It's not that bad. I gave my pb&j to a kid at work who hasn't been eating well due to lack of funds. I brought extra for him today.

Need to get my kitchen in order tonight. That is my one goal of the evening. I think Sunday will be used to get the rest of my house in order as the rest of my week is pretty much booked solid. Sadly, the next paid day off isn't until September. Dammit.
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