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I finally got my new system in at work. Lovely flat screen monitor, but the keyboard is not as clicky as I would like. Ah well, some sacrifices must be made. I get trained on the system tomorrow. So, that should be fun. I'm so happy it is already Wednesday. My godson's first tooth is coming in. I'm sure it will be adorable. I have to remind myself to get a picture of that for his baby book. I am going to drop off the film today to have it developed and put on cd as well since I can't use my scanner right now since Heather has my old computer and I don't feel like installing it on my parents computer, mainly because I'm a lazy butthead and I don't really have a need for my scanner right now. I would rather pay the extra couple of dollars to get it already put on a cd for me. Whew, long explanation of that. So, that's that.
My cousin interviewed with a bank yesterday, and then found out that it would not be 40 hours a week, it would only be 30 a week. I told her to take it because it's better than no money and it's better than working at Wal-Mart for less money and more hours. So, I'm going to see if I can get that through her head.

Friday is my dad's birthday. 55 years old. My mom wanted to get a whole bunch of stuff from Home Depot and build him a water feature in the backyard. I was not receptive to this idea. So, instead, she is going to give him a gift certificate to Home Depot and let him figure out what the hell he wants to buy with it and when *he* wants to help install it. I'll help him do it, and I think he would take better care of it if he actually did some of the work instead of *me* doing the work. I say me, because my mother says "we" but I know it's me because she can't do too much physical labor.
Bleh. So, yeah. Allrighty then, I think it's time to end this and actually get some work done as I have had no less than 3 people in my tiny 6X12 office all day. Ta.

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