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I spoke to Frank regarding Pit Hair's wandering around nonsense. We'll see what happens.
CML broke down crying today. She thought the other two were making fun of her. They weren't. At least, they played innocent pretty well if they were.
Funniest line heard today: "Well, she has the right to come to work and not be harassed."

Isn't that funny? Yeah, they were talking about the shit that was going on between the three other women I work with. I can't even BEGIN to touch all the things that are funny with that sentence. I kept my mouth shut. I was still fuming from some events that happened earlier in the morning that I'm just not even gonna bother with here because at this point they just seem ridiculous.

I am going to try and start making some changes in my life though. We'll just see how they work out. If they do, I'll let you know. :)

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