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That's Thumper.


btw, my arm was way smaller than his chunky leg.

Hi! How are you? I'm 36, single, never been married and like to pretend like I'm still in college when it comes to going out and having fun! I enjoy drinking socially with friends, but don't sit around the house boozing it up.

I'm kinda average short (5'6), medium-thick build. White, tan, shave the head bald because no grass is growing on this busy street. I love tall women (have had many for girlfriends). I love the irony cause when it works out, it really seems to irritate tall guys who just can't figure out why. You don't have to be tall to answer to this ad - just be aware that I might drool if you have tall sexy friends around. (Don't worry, I won't put the moves on them unless you ask me to.) You don't have to be perfect, but I am not into plump or BBW women. No kids, but I've gotta couple of dogs that are fun.

I'm college educated but self-employed as a small time real estate investor. I like to collect weird or atypical cars (VW busses, 60's Volvos, Honda mini car are some of what I've got) I also used to sell vintage clothing and collectibles (still have a lot of inventory - but been too busy with real estate). This quirk is still there and somebody who can enjoy (or put up with) yard sales and thrift stores is a must. I also play the cello and recently started working with a band that will probably be playing out this Fall/Winter (if we can keep it together.)

I typically don't care much for MOST women my age as they are often into settling down forever and ever OR have a lot of baggage (kids, EXs, past shadows). So, I'm looking for a mature woman in her 20's or somebody near my own age that is an exception to the above issues.

Short-term fun or LTR? Basically, I'd rather try to have fun each and every day with somebody special! Yes....if there is chemistry, I'd like to see you most days of the week (especially with you on top of me at 2AM). If you don't live near University or mid-town, this probably won't work. It's a bit idealistic, but one day, down the road, after it's clear we really enjoy each other through thick and thin, you and and I might look at each other and one might say "do ya wanna get married?" and the one or the other other could truthfully respond with no fear of recourse regardless of the answer. Hard to find somebody with the same mindset, so that's why it hasn't happed yet.

My attitude is to live each day with sarcastic vigor and look forward to tomorrow! Definitely a liberal, but not so far to the left that I lose base with the middle of the road. Eclectic? - not a nerd, but definitely eclectic (see above).

I'd like to hook up with a spontaneous woman who can load up and go camping, drive to small towns and be small town for a weekend (eat diner food, drink at a local bar, etc.). fly to big cities (Southwest and Priceline is sooo cheap and be big city (go to a jazz or eclectic music venue and do some nice restaurants).

So.....yah - tell me about yourself and we can trade pics. Of course, I have a lot of ??'s myself. Not too into internet personals/dating, but craigslist is a bit different than those freaky personals sites. Ultimately would rather meet in person than correspond or talk on phone. Personal interaction is best. I'm definitely looking for a companion in life! Golddiggers need not apply.
Aside (OK - This closing paragraph and the title may seem harsh, but I'm 36 and have had some experiences with some women that I don't want to repeat. Also, have had more than a few internet dates where I end up paying for dinner with a) a huge BBW (a few extra pounds? yah right! your arm is the size of my leg!), b) a complete prude, c) a devout Christian, d) some combination or all of the above at the same time. On the other hand, if you are on meds for a mental disorder - it's real cool that you've been diagnosed and are dealing with the problem. However, I'm mentally stable and quickly grow tired of mood swings and the overly emotional. Plus, meds and partying just don't mix and I don't want to contribute to your demise.)

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