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Second day on the new system at work. I absolutely love it. So far. :)

And now that I finally have a printer in my office, I have been printing old charts all day. Woo! No more running over to admitting before they decide they don't know who/what it belongs to and throw it away. So, I'm almost completely caught up with work, yay me.

Sadly, Miami won last night, but really, they shouldn't have. West Virginia was whomping them (okay, really just slapping a bit, but whomping sounded so much better). They were too busy thinking ahead to next weekend when they play Florida State. I just hope that this weekend of no football get Florida State completely pumped and ready to play Miami and win. Go Noles!

Going to take some more pictures tonight. This time of Heather. She wanted some black and white shots to see if she really is photogenic or not :)

I may even get gussied up a bit and have a few of me in there. We'll see.

Okay, got to get back to work and organize everything so that I can send it in on Monday and remove it from my office forever. Oh, and I don't miss working at the coffee shop as much as I thought I would. Interesting, no?
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