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One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beeeeerrrrr

One day, I will order that. :)

So, after the day I had at work, I swear to FSM that my blood pressure spiked at least 10 times today, I decided I needed a beer. And a smoke.

So, I met C and M at the RG. In case I didn't tell any of you all, I have divorced the Buttrubber. We are no longer work spouses. He's an ass, he's rude and he's a fucking juvenile moron.



I couldn't be happier. Sometimes, vacation just isn't for the one going on vacation.

This means that I'll pretty much be running the floor. This makes me very happy. I like being in control. Especially since I know what the fuck I'm doing and I listen to people when they tell me why they are doing something a certain way. Asshat.

And don't fucking tell me I did it wrong, cockknocker, I did it right. I know I did it right because I sat down and figured it out and then okayed it with the boss. And don't tell me I don't know how to fucking count when you were FALLING ASLEEP while you were wrapping the parts. I PACKED THE FUCKING BOXES, I KNOW HOW MANY ARE IN THERE. Oh yeah, don't tell me you are "working" when you are really just having a circle jerk over fucking grenade launchers. I know you all love guns, I'm happy that you have something that makes you want to bust a nut right in front of everyone. It's good to have hobbies. But get the fuck out of my way when I'm trying to do ACTUAL work. I'm not just standing there whistling dixie pal.




Five days. It's going to go by so fast. *sob*

But, I shall revel in them in all their glory. And they will be magnificent. The days will be pleasant. The squirrels shall scamper and the quail will scurry about. And I, I shall sing to the birds in the trees, waltz about and pack the shit out of some chassis.

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