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(no subject)  
08:53pm 17/08/2006
for fangirl April

for everyone!
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(no subject)
04:51am 18/08/2006 (UTC)
I'm wondering if you mixed those links up. Or maybe i'm just missing something.
picword: celine
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(no subject)
01:53pm 18/08/2006 (UTC)
Thanks for the Stephen Hawking link. Did you ever see the L&O:CI when James Woods starred as a guy with a degenerative disease much like Hawking's? Anyway, he still did the crime. Goren knew he was faking. Maybe Hawking is, too. No one can be that smart without being able to take notes.

re: Your Band Name Sucks -- the mention of Atreyu made me check out IMDb for what the actor has been up to. BTW what's the deal with IMDb not having "The Neverending Story" titled in English? Was it really a German movie? In any case... It turns out that he was all the rage when he was a kid... even playing a character named Harry Potter, Jr. in the movie, Troll.

Nowadays, he kicks ass (literally) -- he's a black belt in both Tang Su Do and Shotokan. He also helps teach "a close-quarter combat-training course for flight attendants and pilots for the airlines". Do you think anyone asks him about his Neverending Story days, or (god forbid) calls him Atreyu to his face? Holy crap!

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