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Ahhh. Blessed Tuesday. I woke up late again this morning for work, about two hours late mind you. No matter. Got the work done, that's all that matters.
This new system is starting to drive me a bit bonkers. All of this adding and deleting of files, plus when something goes bonkers in the hospital it also means I suffer too. Missing charts, missing names on the logs. Egad.

Spent the weekend at my grandfather's place. I was away from the computer because his was being a bit of a wanker and wouldn't work for me. No wonder, it's a compaq. Bleh. It was kind of nice though. Being away from it all. No emails to reply to, no spam to delete, no entries to update :)

I have to get more reprints of those two pix of the twins so that I can have a copy in my office and so my mom can have a copy as well for her desk. Gah, I can't type anymore after typing all day at work. I keep wanting to go over to the 10-key pad and enter numerical data as well. I have to train my hands that numerical data is only for the daytime. :)

Not much more going on, but I wanted you all to know that I am still alive and kicking.

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