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I had a pretty happy birthday. One of my cousins left a funny voicemail for me, got an awesome gift from M, picked out cake with her and L and then had cheese enchiladas! :)

Power went out in the main part of the building at work today. HA! It got insanely hot in there though. They FINALLY handed out paychecks and said, "Ok, you can leave now. Second shift, please stay."

Of course, Frank decided to be a douche, so he said, "No, you have to stay." Fine. So, I stayed, until 3:30. Then I left. I did wind up helping the driver unload his truck (just moved stuff with a pallet jack, no big deal) and then helped the UPS guy by bringing him the packages. We had to unload the driver's truck with the forklift because the ramp wasn't working on the dock. Heh.

Made it to the bank before 4 (sweet) and now I await my chariot to bring me to dinner. Yay!

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