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I think I am going to break this entry up into different parts that are labeled. Let's see where this takes us, shall we?

Good News:
Brandi got a job! Brandi also got a car! Woo! She goes into today to fill out the paperwork and then listen in on a few phone calls. She'll be working in a call center, for (okay, don't tell anyone else this, I can barely handle myself) the billing/account issues for AOL. I know, I know, she's working for one of the suckers of Satan's cock (ten points if you get that reference), but, sometimes you have to work for evil to make some good happen. This is not an "ends justify the means" thing, it's just a "gotta feed and clothe my children and make the rent payment and I have no education or degree or practical work experience" thing. :)
So, she starts for real on Monday for 3 weeks of training. Woo! I told her, that no matter how much she hates it (because I hated working in a call center) she is going to stick it out and learn as much as possible so that she can move up quickly and start making some big bucks and do as much as she can for my godbabies. I can only do so much :)

Odd/Bad News: My mom was told to answer one of her supervisor's phone while he was away from his desk in a meeting. So, she said, okay, no problem, even though she secretly was seething. She got an obscene phone call. Well, those are pretty much par for the course working in that place (hospital medical records). But, this one was especially obscene as this person was threatening to kill her. Fun. This went on for about 30 minutes, this guy calling back and repeating his threats of rape and murder. Yes, rape and murder. Did her manager ask if she was okay after hearing this phone call (my mother put the last two on speakerphone so that she would have witnesses to what she was hearing), no. No, not a word. She was a bit upset, as you can imagine. I have no idea what's going on with that, but I felt the need to share.

Horrible news: I found out that my neighbor who has always been there for us and looked out for us and what not, had her phone shut off for two days. She also had to hock a necklace so that she could buy groceries. Fun, huh? I was a bit upset that she didn't say anything. So, today I am taking over the money for Brandi's daycare next week (she's going to be watching the twins for her and I'm paying for the first week until Brandi gets paid) and give her what-for for not letting us know, we could have at least got her some staples from the grocery or something. *sigh* Proud people :)

Thinking of news: I am considering staying in Florida for a while longer and putting off my move to AZ. I have come across some information about a business for sale, which I am thinking of maybe just buying a business or perhaps setting up a franchise of the coffee shop that I used to work in. Of course, if I do the franchise there will be many caveats in the contracts about how that place would be run and look. Because for my tastes, he is just not clean enough. That and I want to have an actual building, not just a cart. It adds to the atmosphere. So, it's something that I need to research a bit. Besides, if I am going to fail, it should be here where I have somewhere to live for free :)

Funny News: I got to listen to the Bill O'Reilly/Terry Gross interview on NPR's Fresh Air. HAWHAWHAW He's so funny. I love when people who can dish it out, can't take it and act like big babies. And the best part is that he turned around and slammed her on his show, once again only giving one side of the story, or "spinning" it as it were. Butthead. And to think that I actually was a fan of his. I think that was when I was smoking a lot of weed. I'm better now :)

I think that's all for now. I have to check out my bank balance and figure out what's going on and stuff. Oh, yeah, and I have to do some work too :) Bye all...oh, and cheer for FSU during the FSU/Miami game tomorrow. Noon EST on ABC. Woo!! I shall be watching with my snack foods and water. No beer. Can't handle the beer right now :)

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