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10:30pm 29/08/2006
I broke down today in the HR lady's office. I knocked on her door and had barely made it in before I just started crying. I told her about the sexual jokes, about the silent treatment (not from BR but from the boss), about me having to do all of this heavy lifting alone, etc.

I just let it all out. I named names, I told her what was up. I told her that I would really like to transfer out of the department. I also told her that I would be willing to wait until October when M gets back because I didn't want to leave them in a lurch. I told her I just couldn't take it anymore.

She said that she would talk with the boss and ask him if he was aware of what was going on. I told her that I didn't come to her sooner because I didn't want a target on my back and I need my job. I don't want to come off like some primadonna or something, but honestly, I had to lug 30+ lbs of packing materials up a freaking ladder and then hoist it onto the shelf. Alone. All because the boss saw me sitting talking to M. I was asking her stuff about her job, how certain companies need certain things. I explained this to HR lady, that I seemed to get called out when he thinks that I'm not working but that BR and Pit Hair can wander around or take HOURS on a single job and it's just another day in the neighborhood.

I also explained to her that if he wants to make putting the packing materials away *MY* job, then he needs to let me know that and I can do it the same afternoon that it comes in instead of letting it stack up over TWO WEEKS to be done all at once. I hate chaos in my workspace, I prefer order. It's nothing but chaos in there.

I also told her one of the reasons that I took off yesterday was to keep my good mood, because as soon as I walk in the door it's gone. Just *poof* like that. I try and try to go in with a smile on my face, but it doesn't last more than ten minutes. I also told her the other reason I took off from work was to see if they packing materials got put away. I even asked a couple of my coworkers if it was really busy yesterday, they said not so much. IT WAS LEFT FOR ME TO DO.

this is bullshit

So, when I left, the boss was in her office. *sigh*

tomorrow is gonna suck.

the ham made a half serious joke about me working for him full time. I'm almost tempted to take him up on it. It would be a horrible financial mistake, but it would be good for my sanity. It's something to think about.

I need to go lay down now, my head is about to explode and I just spent the last five hours driving pizza all over town.
mood: distresseddistressed
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06:37am 30/08/2006 (UTC)
I'm glad you said something. I hope it works out. But I can also understand your reasons for not saying anything. It's dicey. But I think it's gotten so bad that you really had to say something, to make yourself feel better. It just sucks you had to do this in the first place. Stay strong, my friend :-)
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09:28am 30/08/2006 (UTC)
Damn. It is good you said something. I'm sorry things are so bad there. Sheesh! It's definitely not fair to be singled out all the time, and I would think the HR folks would see the sexual jokes as harassment.
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01:57pm 30/08/2006 (UTC)
Paril: [speechless] The Office - Ryan
I'm amazed by your strength -- it would not have taken me this long to finally say something.

Here's hoping tomorrow (today) isn't as bad as you think it will be.

... but if it is, at least they know that you're not fucking around anymore.

Hang in there; I'll keep my eyes open and send any jobs of interest along your way.

picword: [speechless] The Office - Ryan
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02:36pm 30/08/2006 (UTC)
Keep looking for a new job. This one's gonna drive you nuts. It's cabin fever. I got it when I was a machinist.
Good luck Locaface.
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02:38pm 30/08/2006 (UTC)
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03:00pm 30/08/2006 (UTC)
Lavra: Dare
The other day when I was wearing jeans and sitting in a very unladylike pose, I thanked those women who made it possible for me to wear pants. It is extremely irritating that you have to deal with being treated that way because you are a woman, and I am very glad you said something to HR. If the woman in HR handles it badly, she is a shame to women everywhere.

Regardless, yeah, dude, get the fuck out of there. I'm in the midst of job search, too, so I know it sucks, but you clearly are not ok there. Maybe you could work ft for pizza just temporarily, while you find a decent-paying alternative that doesn't demean you and make you cry.
picword: Dare
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03:03pm 30/08/2006 (UTC)
gazing at the stars and listening to the waltz
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03:25pm 30/08/2006 (UTC)

Thank you for going to HR. There is no reason why you shouldn't see an improvement because now that the boss knows the situation, he'd be remiss if he doesn't straighten things out. In fact, let's hope he's reprimanded for not knowing what's going on in his department and not properly managing it. A good manager will make sure that everyone in his/her department is productive and happy and I don't see either.

UGH. Huge hugs to you, my friend. Hang in there!!
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10:57pm 30/08/2006 (UTC)
Sign Here: earth still
I'm so sorry, darling. *hug* But hopefully it feels really good to finally have told someone and let HR deal with it. That's what they exist for.
picword: earth still
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01:31am 31/08/2006 (UTC)
Awwww, girl! I want to give you a big hug!! How did today go? I didn't see this until now so i'm assuming your work day is over now. I hope it all went well!!! *big hugs*
picword: celine
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