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I just want to say

Thank you.


Thanks for all the love and support that I've gotten from you guys. This totally blows. I have however, made a few decisions regarding my situation with work.

1) I'm going to talk to F about transferring to the other department.
a) because I don't think that things will ever really get back to normal. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable and I don't want to be uncomfortable. If they really feel that they can't talk to me because they don't know how I'll take it, then...I'll leave. Very simple.
b) I think it would be best to have a fresh start in a different department. And if they get really bogged down, I'll just be two huge storage shelves away and ready to jump in at any moment to get them back on track.

2) As of now, I won't be persuing anything legally.
a) I really do need this job. Sad as it is, I have to pay the mortgage.
b) Word about disharmony in our department is already kind of spreading around. I don't want the gossip mill to start going full throttle.
c) When I do leave, I will write a letter to the President and Vice President of the company making them aware of how this situation was handled and my other reasons for leaving this company. (besides the job being beneath me, obviously. *wink*)

3) I've stepped up my efforts in looking for a new job. I've thrown my resume out there even more so than before. I have an in with a contract job with a fairly large company, just need to see if I can pass the interview or not.

So, that's that. I honestly don't think that I have the energy right now to take this any further. I have the resolve, just not the energy. I don't want to be Norma Rae right now. But, I think what really saddens me about everything overall is that not one of them apologized for that incident. Not one. I told them that it showed me that they had no respect for me, that they thought that lowly of me and that it was an insult. And there was no apology. No, "Gosh, I didn't think about that."

I love that even after all of this has gone down, I had to still be the bigger person and make nice. Don't you love it?

Tonight, I deliver pizza. I will have some uplifting music, I will sing my heart out and I will (hopefully) make some cash. Then tomorrow, I will go to work, I will put my eight hours in, I will shower, and then I will be appropriately inebriated and go watch our movie debut, Planes on a Snake.

I think I just want to close this chapter. I'll reopen it later when I decide to write a Lifetime movie about it. :)

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