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Jampacked weekend of dehydration and running around and jumping. Friday night Heather and I drove to Melbourne and then turned around. That was fun. Lovely way to spend a Friday evening. Next weekend we may go out west, or maybe northwest. We'll see how the wind blows us.
Sunday I had to work a coffee catering event. The air was not working in this auditorium that hold about 300 people. IT WAS FREAKING HOT IN THERE. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we couldn't take off our clothes, propiety and all that. What was really sad about the whole thing was that it was a bunch of kidney transplant patients who are already on fluid restrictive diets and then they have to sweat what precious bit of fluid they have out of their bodies. Not too groovy. Stupid hospital. Anyways, after I got home and peeled out of my clothes and took a shower, I passed our for about a half hour and then went downstairs to find something with salt, as I was craving it. And I don't even like salt all that much. Ah, well.
So, that was pretty much my weekend. Just waiting to get my paycheck so I's can pay bills and see what's going on in the world and what not. Tonight is rotini pasta with veggie meatballs. Just so you would know. I really have nothing more to say I think. :)

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