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Yay Bisbee!

After hanging out in the hotel room last night and not swimming or hot tubbing, we got up and had our free breakfast. I had waffles. They were square. I also had a biscuit and gravy. And watery coffee. Yum! So, we head out and start going to Bisbee. We hopped on SR80 and go east towards Tombstone.

"Wanna stop at Boot Hill?"

$4 later, for the both of us, we are wandering around. It was kind of cool. There was a Jewish Memorial, too. Odd, but groovy. Lots of unknown graves. That's kind of sad. I'll be uploading pictures of that soon. I think I'm going to turn that into a fun kitschy photo project for framing. :)

We debated going to the World's Largest Rosebush, but decided it wasn't worth admission. We drove around some of the sites of Tombstone for a few more minutes, I snapped a picture of the Mason hall for sleepvoid and then we were off again for Bisbee. Oh! And I got some free coffee at this gift shop. It was terrible. I couldn't even force it down. *shudder*

So, we get into Bisbee and there is a scenic outlook stop on the road in. Got some nice shots of the town from up high. Such a cute little place! We headed for the mine tour and got there with about 10 minutes before the next tour started up. It was really fun! We got to wear hard hats, flash lights and yellow slickers. Rode a train into the mine and walked around a bit. A little kid peed around one of the corners while we were touring. It was also 47 degrees in there. yes. 47 degrees. brrrr. My feet were freezing! Not to mention I was in a tank top and shorts. So, an hour later we are both starving and freezing and head for the Bisbee Grille. I had a fabulous burger and M had a fabulous turkey club. Hot drinks also. Mmmm.

Couldn't spend anymore time in Bisbee, we both had things to do back here in Tucson, so we began the drive back. Great trip. I can't wait to go back. :)

And now...FOOTBALL!!!

I'll be at the RG if any of you jokers wanna come hang with me. :) :) :)

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